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Shi Xiaolin presided over the executive meeting of the provincial government to convey and implement the spirit of the National Science and Technology Conference to further stabilize and expand employment policies and measures2024.07.11 全省政法领导干部学习贯彻习近平法治思想防范化解重大风险专题研讨班开班 为四川现代化建设提供安全保障2024.07.10 The provincial flood prevention and emergency response has been upgraded from level four to level three2024.07.10 Wang Xiaohui stressed in the province's county economy high-quality development promotion conference to promote the county economy high-quality development to consolidate the bottom support of Sichuan modernization construction Shi Xiaolin presided over2024.07.10 Shi Xiaolin in the provincial government leadership in the party discipline learning and education focused seminar stressed strict discipline, clear rules to observe the bottom line to be loyal and clean2024.07.09 To ensure the safety of people's lives and property, the province's main flood season flood control and disaster reduction work scheduling and promotion meeting was held2024.07.08 Hong Kong Chief Executive Li Ka-chao led a delegation to visit Sichuan for the first time2024.07.08 Zuo Yongxiang in Aba, Garze research stressed to build a solid security background to promote green development2024.07.08 Wang Xiaohui and Shi Xiaolin met with Li Jiachao, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region2024.07.08 Wang Xiaohui in the consolidation and expansion of poverty alleviation results and rural revitalization of the effective connection of the assessment and evaluation of the problem rectification and work promotion meeting stressed that to strengthen the consolidation and expansion of poverty alleviation results of the overall war to turn over the battle firmly hold the bottom line of large-scale return to poverty2024.07.08 Shi Xiaolin in the province to promote the rectification of prominent problems of the ecological environment at the video conference stressed that adhere to the goal oriented problem oriented real work to effectively improve the quality of ecological environmental protection work2024.07.08 The Standing Committee of the 14th National People's Congress of Sichuan Province held the 13th meeting and decided to appoint Shi Xiaolin and Li Wenqing as vice governors of the People's Government of Sichuan Province2024.07.05 List of appointments to the Standing Committee of the 14th Sichuan Provincial People's Congress2024.07.05 The 5th Inter-Provincial Cooperation Conference on Ecological Protection and High-quality Development of the Yellow River Basin was held in Chengdu. Shi Xiaolin attended the meeting and delivered a speech2024.07.05 Hu Yun went to Mianyang city to investigate flood control and disaster reduction work2024.07.05 Li Wenqing was appointed vice governor of Sichuan Province2024.07.04 Shi Xiaolin was appointed vice governor and acting governor of Sichuan Province2024.07.04 The second Hong Kong and Macao Capacity Building Workshop on Preventing Illegal Trafficking in Cultural Relics was held in Chengdu to build a strong defense line for the security of cultural relics of the motherland2024.07.04 With more solid policy implementation, we will fully promote the rectification of national assessment and evaluation feedback2024.07.04 He Baoxiang led the CPPCC National Committee inspection delegation in Sichuan to promote barrier-free environment co-construction and sharing to accelerate the transformation of social aging2024.07.03 Shi Xiaolin research economic operation work to emphasize the tree solid high-quality development goal orientation and strengthen efforts to grasp the steady growth of work2024.07.02 Shi Xiaolin research economic operation work stressed the tree solid high-quality development goal orientation and strengthen the work of stable growth2024.07.02 Sichuan Province notified the implementation of the feedback of the national routine statistical inspectors2024.07.01 Pubu Dondrup emphasized in Yibin research to promote the development of industrial talent to promote mutual progress2024.06.29 Shi Xiaolin dispatching flood control and disaster reduction work stressed to make the most preparation for the best results to work together to fight a good flood control and disaster reduction of the initiative battle2024.06.29 Banan high-speed railway opened to operate the first high-speed railway in many districts and counties in northeast Sichuan2024.06.28 The Consulate General of Brazil in Chengdu opens2024.06.28 Continue to forge ahead and take on the good work and make good efforts to the Party Central Committee and the people of the province to hand over a qualified answer sheet Shi Xiaolin attended the provincial government Party Group (expanded) meeting and speech2024.06.28 The 8th China-Eurasia Expo opens in Xinjiang and Sichuan is the guest of honor2024.06.27 Sichuan has launched a provincial-level trial to deepen the reform of medical service prices2024.06.27 Wang Xiaohui met with Brazilian Ambassador to China Gao Wang2024.06.27 Wang Xiaohui chaired the second meeting of the 12th Provincial Committee on Comprehensive Rule of Law to emphasize the inclusion of various undertakings into the track of rule of law to promote the construction of the rule of law in Sichuan continued to achieve new results2024.06.26 Zhejiang Province delegation to Sichuan to explore deepening East and west cooperation to expand all-round cooperation to create a new era of Zhejiang and Sichuan cooperation "upgraded version" Wang Xiaohui Yi Lianhong speech Huang Qiang Shi Xiaolin attended2024.06.26 "Carry forward the spirit of 'two bombs and one star' · Help science and technology self-reliance" theme activities in Zitong "Two bombs and one star" Red cultural inheritance alliance agreement signed2024.06.25 Phubu Dondrup met with President of the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce Xu Shubo2024.06.24 Hu Yun went to Mianyang to investigate the protection of cultivated land and the construction of high-standard farmland, and attended the theme activity of "Promoting the spirit of 'two bombs and one star' and helping science and technology self-reliance.2024.06.24 Provincial leaders went to the city and state to supervise, study, publicize and implement the spirit of the fifth Plenary session of the 12th session of the Provincial Party Committee to unify the thought and action to the decision-making and deployment of the provincial Party Committee2024.06.23 Pubu Dondrup in Deyang Suining research stressed to play a good guarantee of the housing battle to do a good job of people's livelihood2024.06.22 Promote the construction of Shuangcheng economic circle in Chongqing Sichuan Party and Government Joint Conference the ninth meeting of the symposium was held to develop new quality productivity according to local conditions, constantly improve the overall strength of the region and strive to promote the development of the west in the new era to make greater contributions to Sichuan and Chongqing Yuan Jiajun Xiaohui speech Hu Henghua Huang Qiang Shi Xiaolin speech2024.06.21 Promoting the construction of Shuangcheng Economic Circle in Chongqing Chongqing Sichuan Party and Government Joint Conference held the ninth meeting results conference Yuan Jiajun announced the next step of Chongqing Wang Xiaohui announced the main results and the next step of Sichuan Province Hu Henghua Huang Qiang briefed the relevant situation Shi Xiaolin attended2024.06.21 The Beijing Party and government delegation visited Sichuan to focus on major national and regional strategies and work together to promote the new era of Sichuan-Beijing exchanges and cooperation to achieve more practical results Yin Li Xiaohui speech Yin Yong Huang Qiang Introduction Shi Xiaolin attended2024.06.20 Hu Yun went to Meishan to investigate the protection and utilization of cultivated land and the construction of high-standard farmland, stressing the steady promotion of the construction of high-standard farmland to build a solid foundation for food security2024.06.19 Hu Yun went to Meishan to investigate the protection and utilization of cultivated land and the construction of high-standard farmland2024.06.19 Wang Xiaohui met with Kang Yi, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the National Bureau of Statistics2024.06.19 Wang Xiaohui chaired the first meeting of the Science and Technology Committee of the 12th Provincial Committee to emphasize the core position of scientific and technological innovation in the global work to accelerate the construction of a higher level of science and technology strong province Huang Qiang speech Shi Xiaolin attended2024.06.18 Zheng Jianbang led the Social Insurance Law enforcement inspection team of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress in Sichuan to check and effectively promote the full and effective implementation of the social insurance Law2024.06.17 Wang Xiaohui and Huang Qiang met with Zhang Zhigang, Chairman and Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the State Grid Corporation2024.06.17 王晓晖在省委常委班子开展党纪学习教育现场学习研讨时强调 深入学习贯彻习近平总书记重要论述 不断提高党性修养和拒腐防变能力2024.06.17 Standardization, quality improvement, innovation and development strive to promote the high-quality development of Chinese medicinal materials industry in Sichuan2024.06.16 In 2024, the national "Safety Publicity and Consultation Day" home event was held in Chengdu. Wang Xiangxi gave a speech, Huang Qiang delivered a speech and Shi Xiaolin attended2024.06.16 Wang Xiaohui met with Party Secretary and Minister Wang Xiangxi of the Ministry of Emergency Management2024.06.16 The province held a comprehensive promotion of strict law enforcement and fair judicial deployment will promote the high-quality development of law enforcement and judicial work2024.06.15 The main venue activity of the Provincial Anti-Drug Publicity Month and the national anti-drug health Run were held in Chengdu to forge ahead a new journey to write a new chapter of non-toxic2024.06.14 Huang Qiang stressed at the special meeting of the province's economic operation and scheduling that firm confidence anchors the goal and does everything possible to stabilize economic growth2024.06.14 "Tianfu Granary · Hundred counties thousand Pieces" construction action plan (2024-2026) "policy briefing2024.06.14 Huang Qiang met with the delegations of the Diplomatic envoys of the EU and its member states in China2024.06.14 Huang Qiang chaired the executive meeting of the provincial government to study the reconstruction of the government's industrial guidance fund and the development of charging infrastructure2024.06.13 Wang Xiaohui chaired the plenary meeting of the provincial ecological environmental protection and supervision work leading group to emphasize that consciously shoulder the major political responsibility of safeguarding national ecological security and strive to consolidate the green background and constantly create a new situation in the construction of beautiful Sichuan2024.06.13 In Dazhou research, Huang Qiang stressed that the strict and solid style of continuous efforts to promote high-quality development2024.06.12 33 teams competed in Jiannanchun Cup 2024 China Dragon Boat Open (Deyang Station, Sichuan)2024.06.11 Wang Xiaohui led a delegation from Sichuan to visit Qatar2024.06.11 Wang Xiaohui paid a visit to Qatari Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohammed2024.06.10 Cultural and Natural Heritage Day 2024 Sichuan Main venue event was held in Meishan2024.06.09 High-quality Suggestions and proposals promote "good advice" to "good policy"2024.06.08 Pubu Dondrup in Liangshan research stressed the growth of characteristics of high-quality industries to steadily expand employment capacity2024.06.08 Wang Xiaohui led a delegation from Sichuan to visit Morocco2024.06.08 The provincial public security science and technology informatization and public security big data actual combat service system construction work will be held to accelerate the formation and enhancement of new quality public security combat effectiveness2024.06.07 Phubu Dondrup in Panzhihua supervision, learning, propaganda and implementation of the spirit of the fifth Plenary session of the 12th session of the Provincial Committee stressed that high-quality development to promote the construction of common prosperity pilot area2024.06.07 Vice Governor Ye Hanbing went to Guang 'an City to supervise and investigate road traffic safety management2024.06.07 Yang Xingping stressed the promotion of high-quality development of traditional Chinese medicine according to local conditions during the investigation in Guangyuan2024.06.06 When Dong Weimin supervised, studied, propagated and implemented the spirit of the fifth Plenary Session of the 12th Provincial Party Committee in Yibin, he emphasized that new quality productivity should shape the new momentum of high-quality development in south Sichuan2024.06.06 When examining the preparation for the 2024 college entrance examination in our province, Huang Qiang stressed that he would use his heart to ensure a safe college entrance examination, a fair college entrance examination and a warm college entrance examination2024.06.06 Our province and China Pacific Insurance Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement Huang QiangFufan attended and witnessed the signing of the agreement2024.06.06 Tian Xiangli presided over the key proposal handling consultation to actively respond to initiatives to promote the high-quality development of aging work and elderly care services in our province2024.06.06 Huang Qiang stressed the use of reform methods to accelerate the optimization of the province's business environment in the province's business environment teleconference2024.06.06 At the second meeting of all members of the Provincial Safety Committee in 2024 and the second quarter of the province's safety work video conference, Huang Qiang stressed that improving political standing resolutely curb all kinds of safety accidents2024.06.06 Wang Xiaohui led a Sichuan delegation to visit Turkey2024.06.05 Huang Qiang emphasized resolutely consolidating the results of poverty alleviation and solidly promoting high-quality development during his research in Liangshan2024.06.05 The meeting of the provincial leading group for the fight against crime and evil was held to promote the normalization of the fight against crime and evil2024.06.04 Huang Qiang presided over the provincial government Party group (expanded) meeting to the case as a warning police Zhong Changming to build a strong line of thought law-abiding2024.06.03 Yang Xingping met with Tan Sen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce in China2024.06.02 The 2024 Sichuan Tourism Scenic Area Development Conference was held to focus on enhancing core competitiveness and promoting high-quality development of tourist attractions2024.06.01 Pubu Dhondup's research on children's welfare work stressed that with sincerity and sincerity, we should make greater efforts to help orphaned and disabled children2024.06.01 Zuo Yongxiang in Deyang and Mianyang research stressed: strengthen policy coordination to ensure the activation of consumer goods to replace the old market demand2024.05.31 Wang Xiaohui met with Speaker of the Indonesian National Assembly Buan2024.05.31 省委常委会召开会议 深入学习贯彻习近平总书记重要回信精神 感恩奋进持续用力做好我省少年儿童工作2024.05.31 Boao Forum for Asia Global Urban Green Development and Rural Revitalization Forum Conference Opens in Chengdu Address by Ban Ki-moon Zhou Xiaochuan Gu Shengzu Yang Chuantang attended the speech by Huang Qiang, Deng Hongsen and Raffan2024.05.31 Decision of the Standing Committee of the Sichuan Provincial People's Congress on accepting the resignation of Zheng Bei as Vice Governor of the Sichuan Provincial People's Government2024.05.30 Pubu Dhondup's research in Chengdu stressed that we should focus on college graduates and other young people's employment and entrepreneurship to promote high-quality full employment2024.05.30 The 12th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 14th Provincial People's Congress was closed2024.05.30 Sichuan Province launched the "Safety Production Month" in 20242024.05.30 Policy Briefing: Sichuan Provincial Territorial Space Plan (2021-2035)2024.05.30 "Sichuan Province Territorial Space Planning (2021-2035)" policy briefing2024.05.30 Zheng Bei resigned as vice governor of Sichuan Province2024.05.29 杨兴平在资阳调研时强调 认清形势 补齐短板 合力推动人口和产业高质量发展2024.05.29 Wang Xiaohui presided over the provincial Party Committee warning education meeting to emphasize the deepening of the case to say Germany to say discipline to say the case to say responsibility to effectively enhance political determination, discipline, moral determination against corruption2024.05.29 The Standing Committee of the 14th Provincial People's Congress held the 12th meeting2024.05.28 Sichuan should grasp its own strategic position and strategic mission from the overall situation of the whole country and lead the modernization of Sichuan with Chinese modernization2024.05.28 Wang Xiaohui met with Zheng Xuexuan, Chairman of China Construction Group, and Wen Bing, general manager2024.05.28