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Sichuan Luzhou Port Co., LTD. Steel wire rope procurement project
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Funding for this project comes from自筹,现对Sichuan Luzhou Port Co., LTD. Steel wire rope procurement projectOrganizational purchasing。


1.Purchase contents:Sichuan Luzhou Port Co., LTD. Steel wire rope procurement project,In order to ensure the safety of the wire rope stock in case of emergencies,Now I intend to apply for the purchase of a batch of steel wire rope (must be Guizhou Steel rope Co., LTD. Production of the dragon brand steel wire rope,Each batch of steel wire rope provided must have the steel wire rope product quality certificate and test report of the original factory of Guizhou Steel Rope Co., LTD,The product number of the wire rope on the product quality certificate and test report must be consistent with the wire rope number,See technical parameters for details。

2.Delivery method and requirements: The purchaser shall notify the delivery in batches, and the corresponding delivery shall be completed within 30 days after the Purchaser notifies the delivery。

3.Quality requirements: qualified quality, in line with national and industry product quality requirements, specific requirements see technical parameters。

3. Qualification requirements

1.Qualifications: Independent legal personality。

2.With wire rope production or sales qualification。

3.Other requirements: Have the ability to undertake the service of this project in terms of equipment and funds;Have the equipment supply, technical service and after-sales service capabilities corresponding to this purchase project。

四、采购File acquisition andResponse file递交

1, all interested in participating in the project, please in 2024 1  31 September to 2024 2  9 Please visit "Luzhou Port website http://spsilzict"."Bulletin Board" to view the announcement, and from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., 14 p.m. to 17 p.m. (Beijing time, the same below), to Luzhou City Longmatan District Gaoba container Terminal Luzhou Port joint inspection Building 510 room, with a copy of the business license to obtain the negotiation document。

: If the supplier is outside the country,Obtain at Luzhou Port Container terminal within the specified timeCompetitive negotiationDocuments are really difficult, you canAfter scanning the copy of the business license with the seal,Send to the purchaser's email address in PDF format (the original registration documents should be submitted together with the negotiation response documents), and leave the email address to receive the competitive negotiation documents, the purchaser will send the competitive negotiation documents to the supplier by email after reviewing the relevant materials。Suppliers cannot register and obtain negotiation documents by adding and via wechat。

2. Deadline for submission of response documents and bid opening: 2024 2  20 Sunday 14:30 PM (Beijing Time)。

3. Address for submission of response documents: Room 510, Joint Inspection Complex Building, Luzhou Port Container Terminal (Address: Luzhou Port Container Terminal, Gaoba Industrial Park, Longmatan District, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province)。

5. Media for announcement

This announcement is on the Luzhou Port International Container Terminal websitehttp://latinflyerblog.com发布。

六、Contact information

Purchaser: Sichuan Luzhou Port Co., LTD

Address: Room 510, Joint Inspection Building, Luzhou Port Container Terminal, Gaoba Industrial Park, Longmatan District, Luzhou City

Contact: Mr. Luo

电    话:15223142984

Mail box: 1451182147@qq.com

January 30, 2024

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