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Sichuan Luzhou Port Co., LTD. Joint inspection building, waiting building, canteen supplementary fire system project
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Funding for this project comes from自筹,现对Joint inspection building, waiting building, canteen supplementary fire system projectOrganizational purchasing。


1.Purchase contents:Joint Inspection building: The connection point is on the left side of the joint inspection building,Piping along the side of the outer wall of the stairwell to the 6th floor (GB DN100),One indoor fire hydrant is provided on each floor of the second to sixth floors,The exterior of the pipe is painted white; 候工楼及食堂:接线点在候工楼楼梯间在二至四楼每层缓脚台设置一个室内消火栓,Install indoor fire hydrants and outdoor fire hydrants in warm heart homes and dining halls respectively,The exterior of the pipe is painted white。(See list for details)。

2.Planned duration: Supply, installation and commissioning of the project will be completed within 30 calendar days from the date of signing the contract。

3.Quality requirements: in line with the current construction specifications and acceptance specifications。

3. Qualification requirements

1.Qualifications: Independent legal personality。

2.Qualification Requirements:With fire professional contracting grade 3 and above qualification and safety production license certificate。

3.Performance requirements:/。

4.Other requirements: Have the ability to undertake the service of this project in terms of equipment and funds;Have the equipment supply, technical service and after-sales service capabilities corresponding to this purchase project。

四、采购File acquisition andResponse file递交

1, All interested in participating in this project, please 2024年124September to 2024128, visit "Luzhou Port website http://latinflyerblog.com/ Bulletin Board View bulletins,And from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m,14pm to 17pm (Beijing time),下同),In Sichuan Luzhou Port Co., LTD. Joint Inspection Complex Room 503 Address: Luzhou Port Container Terminal, Gaoba Industrial Park, Longmatan District, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province to obtain the procurement documents with the following documents (certificates) :

(1) The buyer's valid ID card and the company's letter of introduction

(2) Copy of business license。(Those who have obtained the new business license with three certificates in one do not need to provide tax registration certificate and organization code certificate)。

: If the supplier is outside the country,Obtain at Luzhou Port Container terminal within the specified time采购Documents really difficult, can be the above报名资料Send to the buyer's email address in PDF format (the original application documents should be submitted together with the response documents)And leave the email address to receive the procurement documents. The purchaser will send the procurement documents to the purchaser by email after reviewing the relevant materials。The buyer shall not register and obtain the procurement documents by adding and using wechat。

2. Deadline for submission of response documents and bid opening time:2024年129At 14:30 p.m. on Sunday(Beijing Time)。

3. Address for submission of response documents: Room 503, Joint Inspection Complex Building, Luzhou Port Container Terminal (Address: Luzhou Port Container Terminal, Gaoba Industrial Park, Longmatan District, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province)。

5. Media for announcement

This announcement is on the Luzhou Port International Container Terminal websitehttp://latinflyerblog.com发布。

六、Contact information

Purchaser: Sichuan Luzhou Port Co., LTD

Add: No.1 Jingang Road, Longmatan District, Luzhou City, China (Sichuan) Pilot Free Trade Zone

Contact: Mr. Zhang

电     话:15281785990

Mail box: zb01@lzict.com  

January 24, 2024

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