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With the wind of honesty, guarding the door of happiness -- Luzhou Port to carry out family activities to help the integrity
来源: Tag: Company news 时间:2024.01.02 Number of views: 644

The family is the smallest country, the country is tens of millions, the family is an important defense line for cadres and workers to resist corruption and change, but also an important position to prevent and resist corruption。

Recently, Luzhou Port organized the "clean wind, guard the door of happiness" family activities to help clean, and sent clean letters and clean message cards to the families of the company's deputy directors and above 43 cadres and workers。

The letter of honesty introduced the achievements of Luzhou Port in recent years to the families of cadres and workers,Express heartfelt thanks to the family members of cadres and employees for their silent support and efforts;The typical cases of violation and discipline exposed recently are deeply analyzed,Pointed out the direction of "supervision" for the families of cadres and employees;We sincerely invite the families of cadres and employees to join hands,Jointly build a clean line of cadres and employees within and outside the eight hours。Honesty message card invites family members of cadres and employees to write family messages, exhorts them to honor honesty and to be good, carries the entrustment and expectation of cadres and employees, and becomes a "honesty bridge" between families and cadres, guiding cadres and employees to continue to strengthen the awareness of honesty and self-discipline, compliance with regulations and discipline。

In the next step, the company will continue to enhance the enthusiasm of cadres and employees' family members to supervise and remind them to help the integrity through clean home visits and other forms, guide the family members to calculate the "clean account", close the "door", and effectively extend the scope of supervision from the "eight hours" working circle to the "eight hours outside" living circle and social circle。

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