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Build a solid foundation of faith to demonstrate responsibility -- Luzhou Port organization to participate in court trial audit activities
来源: Tag: Company news 时间:2023.11.15 Number of views: 1,144

On November 7, Luzhou Port Company organized supervisors and above managers to attend the trial of economic fraud in Jiangyang District People's Court, warning education "classroom" into the trial scene, with the case Ming discipline, with the case interpretation, and with the case warning。

The proceedings were rigorous, orderly and solemn,"Zero distance" to understand the organizational procedures, review points and legal basis of the case,Through the prosecution and defense of both sides in court statements, evidence cross-examination, court debate and the defendant's final statement and other links,Clearly restore the whole process of illegal economic fraud,Step by step, the defendant fell into the temptation of interests and abandoned his ideals and beliefs to commit crimes,He was eventually brought to justice。

The company will continue to promote the normalization of trial audit activities, strengthen precise training, on-site statements, strengthen the learning of laws and regulations, put discipline and rules in front, guide cadres and workers to accept political baptism, ideological purification, and build a strong ideological and political first line of defense。

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